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Posted 17 March 2004 - 06:52 PM

This is the FAQ found on, - i thought i would post it here for people to read, i shall update it as the one on the website is updated.

What is an MMORPG?
MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. MMORPGs allow thousands of players to adventure and socialize together at the same time. In Middle-Earth™ Online, you will be one of the thousands of players interacting with each other every day. This creates a living environment populated by people across the world.

What is Middle-Earth™ Online?
The Lord of the Rings: Middle-Earth™ Online will be the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings™. Thousands of players will join together to fight evil or serve it as the War of the Ring sweeps over Middle-earth. Others will simply adventure across the Hobbit homelands of the Shire, the Elven city of Rivendell, and many other familiar regions.

When is the Beta?
MEO is still in the early stages of development, so Beta testing is still a long way off. We will announce the start of beta on this site and through the official newsletter.

When will Middle-Earth™ Online be released?
The release date for MEO has not yet been announced. We are anticipating a late 2004 release.

Why does MEO look different from the movies?
Both the recent The Lord of the Rings™ movies and Middle-Earth™ Online are based on the trilogy by JRR Tolkien. However, the two projects are not related directly to each other and do not share art, music, or settings.

Will a regular fee be required to play?
Yes, but the amount of the subscription fee has not yet been determined.

Will there be expansion packs?
Yes! The world of Middle-earth will be rolled out over successive product expansions, allowing us to take the time needed to present each corner of the world with the care and quality it demands. This will roughly follow the path of the trilogy, from the Shire (and greater Eriador) to Mordor, with a detour to visit the lands of The Hobbit (Mirkwood and the Lonely Mountain), to see how the decades between that tale and The Lord of the Rings™ have changed those places. After the story is completed, we may even explore more distant lands, such as Umbar and Rhűn.


How does character advancement work in MEO?
Middle-Earth™ Online will feature a unique character advancement system. Characters will advance by increasing their stats and skills through actively participating in quests, crafting, and combat. Players will also be able to increase their characters statistics using MEO’s unique Time Based Advancement system.

What classes will be available to players in Middle-Earth™ Online?
We are announcing the classes for MEO as they are created. Visit the Classes Section. for a complete list.

What effects will moral decisions have on characters?
The choices that each character makes will affect the options available to them in the future. The morality system in MEO is tied into many aspects of gameplay, giving real weight to your moral decisions.

What races will be available for people to play?
Players can create characters from four different races: Men, Hobbits, Elves and Dwarves. Each race will have unique specialties, abilities and class choices, making each one a different experience to play.

Will moral choices affect class?
Yes. Each class has two branches. The moral choices characters make in the game will determine which branch their character goes down. For example, an Elf Scout who fights to remove the Shadow from Middle-earth will become an Archer, while an Elf Scout who reject the wisdom of the Elven-wise and uses forbidden weapons and methods in battle will become an Avenger.

Will players be able to customize the appearance of their characters?
Yes. MEO will give players a wide variety of options to customize their characters, including hairstyle, hair color, skin color, height, and faces.

Will players be able to have multiple characters per server?

Is there Player vs. Player content?
Yes, we are dedicated to allowing player versus player conflicts in a way that is consistent with the world of Tolkien.

What happens when your character "dies"?
Character death is something that we are taking very seriously. We are discussing a few ways to handle this, all of which stay true to Tolkien.

How does private encounter technology help reduce quest "camping?"
Private encounter technology creates a new version of a dungeon or area that can only be entered by one player and his fellows. This reduces the need for groups to "camp" a quest.

How will characters travel from place to place?
Players will be able to walk across the landscape of Middle-earth, or use a variety of accelerated travel options once they have unlocked them. These options will allow players to gather quickly for group events, and will be presented as cut scenes featuring a boat, wagon, or other lore appropriate conveyance.

Will all quests take place in a private environment?
No. Only a minority of quests will have private environments. Some of the larger, more difficult quests call for multiple fellowships to join forces, and some of the smaller quests don't require a private setting.

Will MEO feature a storyline for players to experience?
Yes. The team has created an exciting new storyline for MEO that allows players to experience a unique adventure set in Middle-earth.


Can characters of different races live in the same villages?
Yes. Characters of different races in Tolkien's books mingled and in some cases lived amongst each other, and players in MEO will be able to do the same thing.

How many houses will each player be able to own?
Each player will be able to own one house per account per server.

Which regions will have player housing available?
Players will be able to purchase housing in many regions of Eriador including, but not limited to: The Shire, Bree-land, Ered Luin, and The Tower Hills.

Will houses have an upkeep fee?
Yes. Players will be responsible for paying upkeep to maintain their homes. This will insure that every house in MEO remains actively used. The type and amount of upkeep will depend on the location and the size of the house.

Will individual players be able to purchase houses?
Yes. Housing in MEO will not be limited to large kinships. Individual players will be able to obtain dwellings for their own personal use. However, there will be some grand dwellings that only large kinships will be able to acquire. Each Kinship will be limited to one such house.

Will players be able to customize their homes?
Yes. Players will be able to customize the interior and exterior of their homes with a wide variety of items.

Will players be able to store their items in places besides a "backpack?"
Yes. The MEO housing system will have limited off-character storage.

Will there be a limit to how many items a player can carry?
Yes. Once characters fill up their backpacks, they will not be able to hold any more items.

Will there be player owned housing in MEO?
Yes. MEO will offer players and kinships the ability to acquire houses located around the cities of Middle-earth. Each race will have multiple levels of housing, from humble abodes to grand dwellings.

Will There Be Player Written Books?
Yes. Players will be able to write books, letters, and parchments in MEO, if they can find the rare ingredients necessary to do so. Those who wish to share their labors will also be able to make copies of their writings.

Economy and Crafting
What currency will players use to purchase equipment and other items in MEO?
MEO's economy will follow the guidelines set by Tolkien. For example, elvish communities operate strictly on a Gifting system. The rest of Middle-earth will use silver and gold as currency.

Will MEO have NPC vendors where players can buy and sell equipment?
Yes. Players will be able to buy, sell and trade with NPC vendors located in towns throughout Middle-earth.

Will monsters in MEO drop "treasure?"
Yes, monsters in MEO will only drop realistic treasure. For example, orcs could be carrying almost anything, but Wargs would never carry a sword or armor.

Will players be able to create items using crafting skills?
Yes. MEO will feature a variety of skills giving players the ability create numerous unique items. Announcements regarding specific trade skills will be released during the course of development.

How are you incorporating the world of Tolkien into Middle-Earth™ Online?
This is not a world where a player's only goal is to knock down a series of "monster pińatas" and earn experience. This is a world where the adventure of the Ring and each individual's choice between corruption and valor is at the heart of everything. Our game will focus on providing a rich backdrop for the activities traditional to an RPG (combat, questing, etc.). As in Tolkien's world, there will be real consequences to every action a player takes and dangerous temptations that beckon them to stray from the path they have chosen. Expect to see some innovative interactions in the realms/areas of questing and advancement to bring Tolkien's world alive online.

What regions of Middle-earth will be available when the game is released?
The initial release of MEO will cover most of Eriador plus a bit more -- from the coast of Lindon in the West to the Misty Mountains in the East, all the way up to the Ice Bay of Forochel in the North and down to the Brandywine in the South.

Where in the story does Middle-Earth™ Online take place?
MEO starts during The Lord of the Rings™, just after Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring exit the mines of Moria.

Will players meet the characters from the books?
Yes, players will meet many of the characters from the books, including such notables as Elrond and Radagast himself. The actions of players will even affect the Fellowship themselves on their journey to destroy the One Ring, although you won't be able to meet them in-game.

Do you have to have an internet connection to play MEO?

What are the Middle-Earth™ Online's system requirements?
We have not yet determined the system requirements for MEO. We are working to ensure that the game will run on a wide variety of hardware configurations.

Will MEO be released for the Mac / Xbox / Playstation / Gamecube?
MEO is currently only in development for Windows-based PC platforms.

Will MEO feature both 3rd-person and 1st-person camera perspectives?
Yes. MEO supports both 1st- and 3rd-person cameras. While in 3rd-person perspective, players will be able to utilize the mouse wheel to choose the camera angle they prefer

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