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NS for n00bs

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Posted 17 August 2003 - 03:01 PM

right, i have no clue wtf to do:

can we use this thread to tell ppl like me - wtf is going on.

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Posted 17 August 2003 - 03:39 PM

Well firstly...

Go to the FAQ section here :

There is also a manual that comes with it...

Im sure someone else can post up a more detailed thing up here smile.gif

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Posted 17 August 2003 - 05:09 PM

Lol, you read my mind, I was going to write abit of an idiots guide to playing the basic NS 2.0. tongue.gif


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Posted 17 August 2003 - 07:44 PM

OK, the following posts are a decent guide (in my opinion) to playing NS, it should give enough to beginners without being too confusing, and it should also help those that have read it once to go play and come back, read it again, and understand a little more on how to play.

I'm not sure how it'll turn out, I'm obviously writing it from a bit more of an experianced point of view, so feedback would be nice from those that are new to the game.


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Posted 17 August 2003 - 08:05 PM


Marines are no longer the team of choice in NS, in previous versions it used to be the case that it would be better to go marines first, to learn the, while marines are an "easier" team as they have guns, and most of you will be familiar with the style of play, however it is a much more intense and hard working game to play in most maps.


You should know by now the commander is the guy responsible for making the marine team work. If you're reading this to get tips, you won't want to go commander, not yet anyway. For the most part it is a better idea (given the amount of good commanders out there right now) to learn the game out in the field before you attempt to "comm".

However, commanders have a few universal tactics that you should know about to help speed up your mobility as a force.

The relocate:

Don't always hang around to build stuff, there are certain maps (Tanith, Hera, Mineshaft, Origin, Caged...) where commanders will 7 times out of 10 relocate to double res points (areas/rooms in the map where there are two res nodes). Once you've learnt the location of these, it isn't a bad idea to get off as A TEAM and get to these locations, if the commander doesn't wish you to go there, then you will be given a waypoint to go back to base by most accounts.

The Tech Game:

Some commanders don't bother with defense of places more than one hive, and their base. These are tough games, but these commanders rely on their marines to go and get res towers on res nodes and wait for them to be electrified (usually). They then spend their res not on you, but on upgrades and research, leading to a game where the marines will methodically (usually) go through the map and erradicate the alien forces.

The Lock Down:

The alternative to this seems to be spending less res on upgrades, and favouring the taking of the map from the get go. More res is spent on defending res turrets and outposts, and less res is spent on research. The idea is to lock down two hives to give aliens a weak alien set (see above post), and to then hold on until the ability is there to take the last hive out.

As Marines:

The key rule is...always follow your waypoints. If you hear "go to your waypoint soldier", then take a look around and see where the commander is telling you to go, and head towards it. While better marines that know the map may be able to get away with scouring the map by themselves, they are usually known by the commander, and don't draw attention to well as being good aims. For the average person reading this, no matter where you're going, way point or not, stick in groups of two or three+. While one skulk can probably take out one marine, he shouldn't have a chance taking out two. three marines that are on the ball should be able to take out a rush of up to 6 skulks in the early game. One marine will be mauled by just two.

Sometimes you will get a welder, if you do then check your buildings, the ring around their base will show how damaged they are, and they will need welding. Also, if your team mates have been attacked, welding them will replenish their armour. Another big use for welders is welding weld points in a map, however, to either grant access to marines, or to obstruct aliens.

HA Marines:

HA or heavy armour marines are the tough bastards of the marine world, they take a lot of damage on their armour, and little to their health. This, however, means they need a lot of team work. While they can deal a lot of damage, it won't take much to bring a group of heavy armoured marines to their knees. They move slowly and can't react as quickly...even though they are immune to Lerk Spores.

If you are part of a HA group, then you have two options...if you're near the front then you should be shooting your weapon and being the eyes of the group...however if you're nearer the rear, you should have a welder, and you should be constantly welding those infront of you to make sure they survive for as long as possible.

Games are won and lost by how well a HA Marine team welds itself!

Jetpack Marines:

These marines are primarily Onos being in the air they are much less vulnerable to onoses, and with a heavy weapon they are also likely to cause serious damage to them. They shouldn't be used carelessly, they are expensive, and going off on your own with a jetpack will probably end up in you wasting your team resources.

Welding (added 27/08/03):

If you have a welder than you will probably be required to perform one of three tasks. Listen to your voice comms and read the chat text, because no doubt you'll be told to go somewhere with it. Usually this will be a place that is far from base, like a resource tower, that needs welding...or perhaps it'll be a weld point. If tyou get told to "weld the vents!" then don't panic! The first thing to do its check your map (binding a key to "+showmap" will do this), and to find any orange "explosion" marks on it. These points are weld points, and you can weld them.

Once you start welding these points, a small bar appears with blue dots to show you the progress of the weld, once the white bar is filled with blue dots, the weld is complete.

If you're not told to go anywhere, however, then you may be needed to weld structures in the immediate area to make sure they don't get destroyed, or perhaps you will be near a group of havy armour marines, and welding them will be your task so they keep their armour.

Useful stats and points:

A skulk, at most times, should be easily taken out with one clip of an LMG.
A gorge/lerk can be taken out by one clip of LMG and a clip of pistol fire at most.
A fade should be felled by a group of three people with LMG's all firing one clip each at the same time, and then a pistol clip each...if the fade sticks around that long. Note: This is different if the fade has Defense Chamber upgrades.
An onos CAN be felled by a group of 4 or 5 LMGers, as long as it hasn't got Defence Chamber Upgrades.

The above is shown as an example of how a BASIC marine is versatile enough to take out all the aliens in the game, depending on circumstances (above are the best circumstances).

A Lerk, Gorge and Skulk should never need more than two shotgun blasts.
Shotguns are excellent for tackling Fades and Onoses
Grenade Launchers are best for structures and Onoses
Heavy Machine Guns are great for killing Fades
Welders are WEAK, if you feel you have to pull out your welder to attack something, then you are better off pulling your knife out and constantly swiping that.
Jumping over an onoses "stomp" will give you a better chance at not being stunned by it and letting you escape.
While lerks are annoying, their spores DON'T stack (so they don't cause more damage if they fire lots of spores at one point) and dissapate quick enough...lerks in the early game only try to annoy marines, and the aliens will get the upper hand if you give the lerk too much attention...the best thing to do is IGNORE them and not waste your time with them.
Using the armoury when you have an almost empty clip will allow you to reload without needing to waste time reloading.

Some Do's and Don'ts...

Do build anything that is around you, an unbuilt building is useless.
Do look out for free res nodes and alert your commander to your location.
Do travel in groups of 2 or more marines.
Do keep looking behind you every now and again.
Do listen carefully to alien footsteps.
Do make an effort to kill gorges and not let them get away.
Do attack fades and onoses in a group with sustained fire.
Do listen to voice comms from other players, they will usually keep you up to date with where the action is.
Do ask for orders.

Don't ask your comm repeatedly for a weapon, medpack or will only annoy him.
Don't constantly question what your comm is doing, just do the work he tells you.
Don't wander off on your own.
Don't take on an onos or fade by yourself.
Don't let everyone build one structure, if everyone else is building, you should cover them.
Don't shoot everything you see, sometimes it is best to creep into a hive area and not shoot any structures/hives and build an outpost, than it is to shoot at things. Shooting at structures will instantly alert the aliens to some kind of plan.
Don't disobey orders.
Don't spend ages "humping", or using, the armoury. Your time can be better spent going out and exploring the map, or doing objectives.

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Posted 17 August 2003 - 08:06 PM


In 2.0, Aliens are the daddy. An average Alien team will normally beat a good marine team, or at least give them a run for their money. Aliens are team orientated, but more losely than marines. Where as marines will all be ordered to do one thing, aliens will be called a little more casually to do something, and it's up to lots of individual aliens to come and do a group task in those circumstances. At other times the aliens can be quite individual.

Aliens are, however, not the easiest team to get used to.

The Start Game

There are only two things an alien player should be doing at the start of the game.

1/ Marines will quite often relocate...and mostly to the same place in each different map. The first thing that a skulk can do is head off to such a room in the map and either wait for the marines to get there, or clear the marines out.

If aliens manage to win this battle, it usually means a much harder job for the marines.

2/ Aliens starting properly should have 25 the start of the game EVERY skulk should go find a res node, evolve into a gorge, and build a resource the time you've done this, you should be able to evolve back into a skulk.

An alien team that manages to get out and place itself 5+ res towers will usually be in a strong position to SPEND THAT RES and build res towers...don't waste it in the early game on offence chambers.


Again, like with marines, if you're reading this, you probably shouldn't be going gorge properly. Once you've done your part in building a res tower, you should stick to the attacking classes...leave the gorging for the people on the team that will know for sure how to help ensure the alien team is defended and well upgraded.

Res for Kills:

While marines also get res for kills, the effect isn't quite as big as for marines. Both marines and aliens get a random amount of res for their kills between 1 and 3 res. For marines these kills go to the res pool, and don't provide a lot of income...however for aliens, a few kills can give that alien enough res to evolve into a gorge...rack up a dozen kills, coupled with natural intake of resources from resource towers, and you will have enough to go gorge and put up a hive, or evolve into Fade perhaps.

One thing to remember about this, though, is that an alien team will be in better stead if you spend your res on building res towers and hives (if needs be) rather than saving to go Fade or Onos.

The Mid Game:

Aliens in the mid game SHOULD have a second hive up, and thus be able to use their second hive abilities. On the flip side, marines should also have upgrades, so they will be killing you quicker than before. Use this knowledge, and realise that it's better to wait for a marine than to charge at it. The only time you should need to rush at marines is if they're building an outpost or base. In the mid game this will happen a lot.

If you come accross a marine building near a hive, then you need to alert the team and try to take him out. The last thing you need is a marine Phase Gate being built, as within a minute a whole defended outpost can be made.

This doesn't mean that they're impossible to beat however. Eating just ONE turret with another skulk, should cause there to be a "blind spot" behind a turret factory, where turrets won't be able to shoot you. You can then eat the turret factory rendering the base defensless. The next building to take out would then be the phase gate to make sure that reinforcements can't come through.

One thing to remember is that just because you beat an outpost once, however, it doesn't mean you are safe...keep an eye on that spot because some commanders will come STRAIGHT BACK to that spot to try again, while a lot of aliens will think that they won't.

The End Game:

The End Game for aliens will either be in the form of being beaten by upgraded marines back to one hive, or attacking their final base with aliens like Onos and Fade.

In such a situation the outcome is usually already decided, so just have some fun and keep plugging away at it until it's over smile.gif



As a skulk you need to keep moving. The are scouts and your basic attack unit. A good skulk may be able to take out a group of 3 or 4 marines if he catches them by surprise, though in any normal circumstances, a skulk should be killing one marine for each time it dies in the early stage.

The skulks tasks have many facets. One is to guard structures and gorges from marines...another is to eat lone marine res towers to restrict marine resource income. Skulks can lay in wait on cielings or wallks, or rush as a group at outposts. Using parasite they can help the alien team keep a track of the marine team.

The skulk is a hard alien to master, between wall walking and learning how to make the most out of your meager health, the skulk isn't as easy as being a marine. However, once you learn how to skulk, they are incredibly useful, and a good skulk will always be better than a good marine (in my eyes).

At the second hive stage, however...they are much more lethal. The addition of the leap ability at hive two means not only an extra type of attack, but also a much faster mobility. Leap is used more for moving faster through coridoors than anythign else...and while holding down your crouch key, you can even leap through vents faster. The best use of this, by far, has to be beating marines in a long coridoor. A leap followed by a series of bites can clear off a group of marines quicker than they know whats happening.

At the third hive stage, Xenocide, a blast attack is available. While not so useful against HA marines, a well timed xenocide can take out as many as 4 or 5 marines! Again, coupled with leap, xenocide can be extremely deadly, and is great for keeping marines down in their own base.


The Gorge is a vital class for building and healing. Though most of you probably won't go gorge for a lengthy part of the game, the gorges use evolves as the alien hives go up. At first hive the gorges main use is to get res towers up, and then upgrade chambers.

Currently the best way of maximising the teams effectiveness, is by taking movement chambers and building them with the first hive, followed by defence chambers for the second hive. Again, as someone reading this, it's probably not in your interest however...but it's what to expect for oher alien classes.

At the second hive stage, the gorge becomes extremely useful at clearing buildings with bile bomb, and at third hive they become the alien of choice for making sure the marines are blocked into an area with webs.


Lerks are a support class, and aren't all that useful in the attack. They will mainly fire spores of poisonous gas...if you go lerk this is always something to do...going to their base in a vent and just sporing...a lot of marines will waste their time trying to kill you, and it's to the aliens benefit if they do. However lerks are weak, so exposing yourself isn't a good idea.

At the second hive stage Umbra becomes an option, umbra being very useful for helping onos and fades get defended more against enemy fire. Lerks work best at second hive situations, and they work best when coupled with a gorge for healing and a fade or onos...this combination of classes and teamwork can mean a lot of success and very little loss.

At the third hive Lerks have a primal scream which is of nice benefit, but little real use, as all it does is help an already dominating team to dominate faster.


The fade is a shock trooper, a get in, deal big damage and get out kind of alien. Blink is hard to get used to, but allows super fast movement both in and out of a small battle. Swipe is an effective weapon, easily disposing of anything in their way. However they can't take much damage, if you're going fade you can't expect to run amock in a base and stay there, you have to be very aware of the damage you're taking, and always keep a good view of your escape.

At second hive, this becomes easier with metabolise, taking energy from your energy meter and converting it to health, meaning you can go in and out of fights quicker than before...however be wary, an alert marine might hear you metabolising, and use that as a chance to take down a weak fade.

At third hive the fade gets to be quite a pain in the ass for marines as not only is it a melee super star, but it can retreat and fire off some particularly nasty acid rockets. Again, at three hives this is just the insult to injury to the marine team.


Onos is an overated alien that is mainly meant to be a base breaker and a HA marine counter. This is because even with only one hive (when HA marines are likely to be around), you can devour those hit one kill, basically, on a very expensive marine. Bite in itself is also a very powerful attack, an average onos should be able to kill a whole group of marines with ease...however onoses are far from sustained fire they can go down extremely fast, and thats a BIG waste of resources for the team.

At second hive stomp becomes available. This ability means that a group of marines can be stunned for a few seconds and leave them completely vulnerable to any kind of attack. Use this wisely with other aliens such as fade, and you can decimate a group movement of marines in seconds.

Third hive means a quicker attack and movement for onoses, with charge. This is incredibly useful as most onoses go down, or redempt, on the way towards an outpost...with charge the marines have little time to shoot, and the effectiveness of the sustained fire is severly reduced.

However, as I said, an onos is feared more than it should be, and on the ball marines will effectively stave off single onos attacks. If you are going onos, I strongly suggest you only do so if you can evolve defence chamber abilities such as regenerate, or more useful to the average reader, redemption.


Defence Chamber

As a new player, I'd suggest that you steer clear of regeneration as an evolution upgrade on your menu. Regeneration for any class of alien requires a little bit more game know how and general NS smarts. Regeneration isn't a great tool, but it helps you out if you know how to use it properly.

As a skulk/gorge/lerk or possibly fade, I have to recommend carapace, as it lets you take a lot more damage before you die as those classes...however redemption is equally a good choice for new players for the fade and onos class. Fades still need to be careful with redemption (which teleports you back to a hive if you're badly hurt) as sustained LMG fire can still kill you. However onoses will find it hard to ever die with redemption upgrades, unless the marine team works as a team with shotguns/hmg's (heavy machine guns) and grenade launchers.

As a chamber these are best placed either below hives so that if they are attacked, the hive heals faster...or in outposts near to where aliens are going to make a sustained attack, where healing will be useful.

Movement Chamber

All of the movement chamber abilities are good for different aliens.

Skulks make great use of celerity (which makes you move 30% faster currently, including when you leap) and also silence (which can ultimately mean you don't make a sound while moving or attacking things). These two things help you get closer to marines before they start firing, and help you take less damage, which is essential for skulks.

Gorges also make great use of celerity, allowing them to escape from danger quickly. Silence is amazingly useful for building silently close to marine bases, and adrenaline (makes you recharge your energy quicker) is good for keeping up healing or attacking structures.

For lerks and fades, celerity is less useful as speed is also ever present, however adrenaline is ultimately the most useful evolution for these aliens, allowing them to attack for much longer without running out of energy...allowing them to swipe for longer, or spore more of an area.

Onos, however, seem to gain equal amounts of benefit from celerity which helps stop marines take out the beasts, and adrenaline which helps aid to combination attacks (ie stomp a few times, devour someone then stomp again and bite some times) without energy being lost halfway through.

These chambers are best placed near where aliens will need healing by gorges a lot, and also along the way in maps to allow aliens passing with high energy moves such as leap to regain the energy they've lost in doing so.

Sensory Chamber

Sensory chamber only has two useful evolutions, pheremones (showing the path of where marines went) is not all that useful unless the marines don't ever get hurt.

For all the aliens there is a choice to be made, if the sensory chambers aren't being placed right, then they may wish to evolve cloaking (which makes you invisible to marines). Don't be fooled however! in your view you will appear glowing white when you're cloaked, and other aliens and structures will look semi transparant so you still know they're around.

However if the alien team is placing sensory chambers around properly, then no matter where you go, you'll be cloaked anyway! In this case scent of fear is much more useful, as s soon as a marine is hurt, he is effectively parasited...but instead of showing as a yellow circle, he shows as a slightly red one. Personally, for me...this is much more useful for seeking and tracking marine movements.

Sensory chambers should of course be placed anywhere near structures, especially offence chambers, to hide them, and also on routes up to marine it stop the marines from seeing you on their motion tracking.

Offence Chamber

If you really must build offence chambers, then do so wisely. Building them at the end of long coridoors isn't a good idea, as they won't have the range, but they'll be seen quickly. The best place for OC's (offence chambers) is just around corners so that as a marine walks round a bend, they get hit by a few spikes.

Build no more than 5 OC's in one place, and try to stagger them so that they have enough scope to defend an area as well as block an entrance. Usually, however, 5 OC's are a waste of res, and a simple two OC's will do a very good job of keeping a room secure.

Useful stats and points:

A skulk can kill a basic marine with two bites
A gorge can kill a basic marine with nine spits, or six heal sprays
A redemption onos will rarely die.
By taking out just one turret, the turret factory and phase gate, you'll be able to take out the much more costly outpost quicker than if you tried to take out all the turrets first.
Sensory towers cloak your movement not only from sight, but also from motion tracking...use this for stealthy approaches.
Movement chambers give you energy boosts, a gorge by two movement chambers can heal indeffinately.
Defence chambers heal you, build them near to places you're attacking so that you can duck back to heal and attack again.

Some Do's and Don'ts...

Do stop early marine rushes
Do cap res nodes as soon as you can
Do stop marines from destroying your structures
Do perservere instead of running away. A kill and a death is more useful than just a death.
Do parasite marines if you can, to help your team mates.

Don't rush into a situation on your own as a skulk, when waiting for a few more friends will help greater.
Don't get into a fight as a gorge!
Don't Fade or Onos when getting a second or third hive is a better option.
Don't stand near buildings when a siege tower is firing, the blast damage will only end up killing you.
Don't waste time trying to eat electrified structures as a skulk, leave them for other classes.

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Posted 17 August 2003 - 08:06 PM



Comm = Commander, the leader of the marine side.

Skulk = the base class of alien, fast and cheap and weak.

Gorge = the builder class of alien, slow and weak.

Lerk = the support class of alien, fast but weak.

Fade = the soldier class of alien, powerful and fast in the right hands, deadly to most marines.

Onos = the tank class of alien, very powerful and very very tough, not too fast.


Ammo = how much ammo you have in the clip/how much ammo you have spare

Health and Armour = self explanitory

Room name = In the bottom left of your hud there will be a constant reminder of where you are. Learn these room names in your own time, when someone on Voice comms screams at you to get to Holoroom in NS_Hera, it'll do you good to know where he's talking about.

For Marines:

Minimap = in the top right is a minimap, DoD style. On it will be displayed you and your team mates, as well as arrows to show where abouts team mates not displayed are directionally, and depending on your upgrades it will also show aliens on there as red sprites. If your commander gives you a way point, it'll also show the direction on your minimap too.

Parasited/Webbed/digested = in the middle of your screen at the bottom, you will occasionally notice some text...if you see "parasited" it means that you have been parasited by a skulk. This means that the aliens can see wherever you're going, you're marked and they can tell your position through walls. Be VERY careful if this is the may even wish to suicide if you're in a non-critical position.

Being webbed, however means you've walked onto some gorge webbing, which makes you move at a slower rate, and disallows you from using your weapon. This usually happens to trap a marine for an easy kill.

Digesting will be shown if you've been unlucky enough to be devoured by an onos...there really isn't anything you can do except hope your team mates shoot you out.

Res = at the top of the hud you will see the teams resources. If these are low (ie below 50) then don't think you'll be getting much from the commander, he'll have other things to spend it on.

For Aliens:

The Res Meter = the blue meter on the left side of the hud is a visual meter for the text version also in your hud. While one will tell you in numbers how much res you have, the blue meter will show you on a sliding scale, the higher the blue part is, the more res you have personally.

The Energy Meter = the yellow meter on the right hand side of your hud shows you how much energy you have as an alien, and the lower this is, the less likely you'll be able to go on attacking/flying/healing etc. If this meter is low, then take a break from pressing your attack button, and let your energy meter recharge.

The Hive Indicators = These show you the status of the hives...if they are greyed out then they are not built, if they are grey but have some colour, gradually increasing, then that hive is being built. If the hive logo is in total colour, it is built, and if it is flashing red, it is being attacked.

Upgrade Chamber Indicators = When a chamber is built (defense, movement, sensory ... see below) it is "linked" to a hive, so its logo will appear next to the hive it was linked to. Also the logo will flash a little lower down on the right to show you that you can evolve upgrades.

Friendlies = on the hud you will also have dots of pale cream that signify where your friends are. Center them on your screen and it will tell you where they are, who they are and what alien class they are. The smaller the dot, the further they are away

Attacked friendlies/structures = if a structure or friendly player is being attacked, then a red sprite will appear where they are, this is where either marines are, or a marine base is.

Hives = Bright yellow points on your hud dictate where the hives are. Again, the smaller the dot, the further they are from you

Map Areas:

Res node = a place on which a resource tower can be placed.

Weld Point = a place where a marine can weld with a welder (as given by commanders) to either open vents/passages or close vents.

Hive rooms = a room where aliens can build a hive, marines will not know a hive room without knowledge of the map for the hive isn't shown, the ony way a new player can be sure is to look in the BOTTOM LEFT of their screen and see the room name.

The "Secondary Function":

So you press your right mouse button, and up pops a menu. This has very little use, I find, for marines, but is essential for aliens.

As a marine it is primarily used to ask a comm for an order, to show a comm you've acknowleged an order...or to ask for a medpack and ammo. If the commander is particularly bad, then you can also cast your vote to eject him in this menu.

For aliens the menu is your means of building structures as a gorge, evolving into different alien castes, and evolving upgrades (see the alien section).


As a gorge, or a marine, unbuilt structures may be around you. To build them, go up to them and press your use key. As a marine this means you are defensless and open to attack, as a gorge you are still able to fire spit/heal/bile bomb or web while you build. A building that is unbuilt will have a yellow ring around it for both teams, while a built structure will have a green ring around it for aliens, and a blue ring around it for marines. Don't mistake an innactive turret for an unbuilt one!


I suggest that you take some time to look through the manual to find out about marine and alien structures and weapons.

If after all this you have ANY doubt on what to do, the best thing to do is find someone that seems to know what he's doing, and just follow him! Regardless of team, follow people that have some kind of authority on the game, and follow the orders of what people are telling you. If you respond to calls for help, and do what your commander says, you may not win, but you can't be faulted for trying your best and doing the right thing.

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Posted 18 August 2003 - 12:34 PM

yay my post got pinned \o/

i read some of ur stuff - ill read more of it 2nite when i go play some. ta

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Posted 22 August 2003 - 10:04 AM

lol rom u no0ber monkey

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Posted 23 August 2003 - 01:53 AM

fucking ace. pld shrew cool.gif

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Posted 23 August 2003 - 02:25 AM

here was me thinking it would be a post proving ns is for n00bs sad.gif

so let down.

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Posted 23 August 2003 - 02:32 AM

lol, its gay played it once and hate the bloody thing wacko.gif

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Posted 23 August 2003 - 08:44 AM

~Since I last Played~

They've changed it for the better, at least on a "get-to-know-the-map" basis. The mini map you can see really helps when you're a marine and that map you can bring up when you press your bound key is good too.

Not sure about having Onoses just because someone has a resources and not three hives wacko.gif blink.gif but letting ickle gorgeh choose which upgrade chamber thingy they build first is good. Also is it just me being a n00b or did sensory chambers used to cloak stuffs? 'Cause that's a good feature user posted image.

Getting around is still confusing wacko.gif. Usually end up lost and very, very alone sad.gif unsure.gif. Although that (new) map called mineshaft or summant is quite basic/easy.


Was part of an "interesting" game yesturday on ns_tanith. Basically the marines re-located to one of the hives and built on the little ledge in that hive where the resource node is. We as aliens secured the other two hives but we just couldn't get the last hive. After the marines totally reloacted they built so many TF's and Turrets that we couldn't breach them even with Onoes and Lerks. But similarly they couldn't come out of the hive because we'd eat them >: ). This lasted for hours and eventually I just got bored and quit. Was a pain in the bum that Onoses had to DUCK to get into one of the entrances and the ledge they had built on meant that to even get close you'd have to go up a ladder whilst being shot at by everything.

Also on a final note does a Redemption Onos seem the most annoying thing ever mad.gif mad.gif. You've been shooting at it with your team mates for ages then suddenly *blink* it's gone back to hive to regenerate possibly with a few team mates inside it for good measure sad.gif.

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Posted 24 August 2003 - 11:56 AM

Oh yeah, I wub.gif that sound the ickle aliens make when they jump.

Also is it meh or is the gorge too cute to kill wub.gif.

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Posted 24 August 2003 - 08:09 PM

Squizza you need help tongue.gif

personally, i love the "icecube in glass of <fave drink>" sound when you get res for kills smile.gif

right, let's talk about redemption onos squizza...

whilst they may seem annoying they are infact a marines best friend.. y'see it's like this, they just can't get close enough to cause enough damage, so.. get on a different level so they cant stun you and eat you and you're laughing as all the redempt onii get teleported back to the hive over & over again giving you time to weld what little damage they did, save some more res and build up and move on smile.gif

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Posted 24 August 2003 - 09:32 PM

People use onoses wrong anyway. I use redemption if I'm going up against HA guys (as imo it's better to save your onos and hope for a bit of luck than to die and have to re-evolve later) and if I'm attacking an outpost that is unmanned.

Otherwise carapace and gorge help usually does good.


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Posted 24 August 2003 - 11:39 PM

Lark with that spore crap attacking you as a marine is also very annoying I find mad.gif. And if you do chase after them they either disappear into a vent or turns a corner and an ickle base of OC's takes what's left of your health sad.gif.

Oh yeah, can I adopt a gorge wub.gif ?


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Posted 25 August 2003 - 12:00 AM


What are all of those funky binds for location and any other stuffs?

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Posted 27 August 2003 - 08:29 PM

locations and stuff? I don't think I get you.

I've added an edit to the marine post by the way...about weld points.


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Posted 28 August 2003 - 05:24 PM

Those kind of txt locations


Red Squirrel (Waste Disposal): hello i'm talking

Kind of thingy ph34r.gif.

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